Thursday, 26 November 2015


Description: During Inquiry I am working on creating graduation.  My task is to write the year 6 speech talking about our past years at Russell St School. I am also in the hats group creating the graduating hats for the year 6's we have 53 to make. With the hats we are plaiting wool in your house colours.  This represents what house you are in.

This term we are using our Future Focus through inquiry. My main Future Focus is leaving a mark at Russell Street School. Mainly because this is my last year. I also want to help make Graduation one of the best Russell St School has ever had.

I have been think outside the box by thinking about how I can make this speech have an impact on the people around me and the people that hear it on the day. To do this I am using clever language and trying to deliver my concept strongly.


Today is our last day to practice for Graduation. so far our speech is finished and edited and the three different parts are joined.

I am proud of how far we have come in our inquiry and excited to see how well our speech will turn out. I think that the hats look really cool and I am happy with the way we stretched our brains to create the amazing name labels on top of he hats.

Future Focus: I think that our group did a great job at thinking about our future focus. For us Graduation was out future focus and all our work revolved around decoration, food, songs, speeches and slides to make this years Graduation the best ever.

2015: For Graduation we created a 2015 sign for year 6 photos. We only just completed it
but we are really proud of the finished product but it was cheep and easy to make apart from the few hiccups!

First we found some chicken wire then we ordered some tissue and crate paper before creating flowers and poking them throgh the wire.

We found that the flowers kept falling out and we had to improvise with tape and sticks.

Overall I am really proud of what I have created and think that our group has achieved miracles.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Book Bash

Blooms Questions
  • “Rezza knew her life was harsh and the Aggers lives weren’t much better, but at least everyone knew their place.” 
  • How do you think people’s acceptance of their place in life plays in the hands of people who have power?

My Answer: I think it is that everyone knows there place in the world and they all do there best to complete they accept their individual tasks and they work like a pyramid here is an example.

So at a school you have your Principal on top then the Deputy Principal Next is Assistant Principal then your Senior Teachers Next is Junior Teachers then Teacher Aids.    

  • When the rebels blew up the mugatyl pipeline, Boyd said “How satisfied the rebels must be.” (Pg 41) What can you make about Boyd’s view of the rebel activity after making this statement?

My Answer: I think she was sort of being sarcastic. She was most likely set back by it but she must know something we don't.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Agency Test

In class we highlighted a sheet with different goals. We then chose one of the pink highlighted goals to work on.

Yellow Highlight = I do it constantly
Pink Highlight= I need to be reminded or I do it sometimes

I think I am a Self Agentic learner because I know when where and why I am doing different tasks at different times and places. Prioritizing helps me meet deadlines and get on top of my work.

The goal that I am currently working on is 
I make conscious decisions on how to use my time to best enhance my learning.

I think that this is a great goal for me because I often find it hard to keep up with my timetable so I know how much time I need to complete things to a great standed .
The things I need to do to achieve this goal are timetable more and complete what I want to do durning the day as well as my must do's like my reading follow up. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Date Of Origin

In class we are reading a book called Date Of Origin. We made some predictions about the book and we had to do it high quality.

Title -
The title really draws you in. I think that it will have a mystery adventure and fantasy sort of theme. I think that it will have a Percy Jackson & Harry Potter feel. It really hooks you. The words ‘Date Of Origin’ makes me wonder if there is some type of tradition or prophecy.
The title is sort of dark mysterious too and the more you look into it the more you realize how much it makes you think.

Cover Design -
The shape of the monsters/Aliens was really well thought. Going of the blurb I wonder if they are guards or some type of obstacle for the main characters to overcome.

Blurb -
The blurb really puts you deep in the book it is a great writer's point and It makes you wonder so far I wonder if the girl on the front and dog on the back does she have a date of origin.

Predictions -

I think that the guard could be the robots on the front or they are the baddies I think that a Date Of Origin is like a day that you will shapeshift into the robots on the front. My predictions are that she will make. The Date Of Origin sounds like a tradition.  

Friday, 25 September 2015

Reading tic tac toes

For reading we looked at this photo.

We had to think of questions and record them.


  1. Why are they helping each other?
  2. What douse CFA stand for?
  3. Why is the man holding the Koalas hand?
  4. Was there some sort of fire or harmful event?
  5. Was ether of them injured or hurt?
  6. What could other people do to be more like this and help one and other?
  7. What is this an example of?
  8. How can we do this on a day to day basses?
  9. What prime example is it showing us?
  10. Have they seen each other before?
  11. How long ago did this take place?
  12. Have they ever seen each other since?
  13.   Where has this taken place?
  14. What can we learn from this?
  15. What else is this picture apart from showing friendship?
  16. Has a similar example taken place or can we try make more happen.
  17. Was it a bush fire?
  18. Who else was at the scene?
  19. What values is it showing?
  20. What can I learn from this?

To me this photo shows Kindness and Willingness towards each other with not only Humans but Animals. We need to use these examples more during out day to day life.
I think that we can all learn from this and try use it more. This isn’t something that we should try to do it is something we must do. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Pae Tamariki


On the 31 July our school Kapa Haka group went to Pae Tamariki. Pae Tamariki is a Maori 
preforming showcase. This year we had a big group performing at the Regent and we did really well encouraging each other and learning the songs.  

Big Idea:
At Pae Tamariki, I felt...  

Challenged. It was my first Kapa Haka performance and I didn't want to mess up.
Afterwards I felt really proud and happy of myself and our group.

I felt most proud of…

The whole performance. I think that I really stepped up from our practices.
I felt really out of my comfit zone.

I found....challenging because…

Learning all the dances the words and actions putting them together and preforming them
to the best of my ability.

I managed this challenge by….

Trying my hardest and going to all the practices.

At Kapa Haka, I next want to...

Continue with learning all the songs and going to performances.

Feedback/Feedforward: Great Job on preforming Bella! I think you did really well at preforming your best and striving for excellence. Next time you could explain why you found learning all the dances, the words and the actions and putting them together to preform to the best of your ability hard. Ana

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Passion Project

WALT use the PASSION inquiry process to investigate my passion independently/in small groups

Writing Airways and Cure Kids Fundraiser.

I am trying to better myself and others in my writing. I have started up a blog to help share my creative writing.
So far all is good but I want to add more so that kids can find inspiration.

Blog adress:

What I have achieved:
Creating my blog and putting useful info on it so that young writers like myself can read and learn.

What I want to achieve: 
Learning more from others so that my blog can become a writers communication system so that we can share tips. 
I also want to add more posts and pages to make it more of a learning space!

What I could do better:
I want to change the way that I have set up the blog I want it to be better for all ages. Next I need to add pages with tasks suitable for the age.

Maths Portfolio Sample

During Maths we have been working on Multiplying and Dividing. At the moment I am working at stage 7. I find that Dividing 2 digit numbers AKA 73 ÷ 26 is harder than 23 ÷ 8. There are loads of different strategies.


Big  Idea:
We have been learning to use the most appropriate strategy for the question.

So far we have Proportional adjustment (P.L.A.T you split it)
Known Facts (KF Although we like it better with a C = KFC!!!!!)
Alga-rhythm  (Dinosaur Maths or old maths can only be used sometimes)

Feedback & Feedforward: I like the fact that you are using Alga-rhythms and you are using your strategies brilliantly. You could use more of a variety of strategies because sometimes you will find questions that will take ages to work out with those strategies that you are using. Ana

I think that I have done a good job at using these strategies. I think that next time I could add more detail and understand these strategies more so that I can use them. I could use more of a variety of strategies so that I can solve the answers quicker.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Writing Portfolio Sample

In writing we have been learning about generating ideas. When we generate ideas we create a really good plan that helps us recognize the order of events, how to give good clues and how long or short we want our story to be. We have been looking at different types of plans not just the usual circle line circle plan.

My goal is to use planing templates.


I raised one paw scratching my sharp curved claws along the metal bars. A short sharp squawk is let out in the tone of a laugh “It’s useless” he squawks  at me behind the cage walls I bar my teeth not that he can see trough the the piece of fabric tied in a bow holding my mouth shut. Damn it I think how did I get myself into this mess. The small yellow bird that I call Chat-Box is lurking around. He leaps up onto the top of his monstrous cage. I snarl but I sounds like I am throwing up dinner that I haven’t eaten for a week. I am starved although... dinner is alive in this room.

Distress washes over me like a wave in the Ocean sending a chill of anxiety down my spine. I leap up and attack after all I am the predator! “Damn you cat I am the one with all the power don’t kill my vibe.” Chat-Box squawks angrily but this just irritates me more I MUST get out of this cage now. I’ve tried the keys he’ll be prepared for that no I need something clever. I look at the latch. Up close it is actually rather pretty it is old and battered but looked comforting with its golden rusted edges. The latch itself looks big enough for my claws. Yep thats my plan the cat is out of here the latch will be hacked.

The birds back is turned and he is talking to his minions. Now is my chance I whip around facing the lock before jamming my claws  through the cages patterned hole “What are you doing trying to escape!!!” A familiar voice sounds I whip around but something stops me I crane my neck around but whoever he was talking to it wasn’t me I yank my head hard. It’s still stuck I rip it the silky soft fabric is ripped from its bow perfect I thought the whole time I had needed something to blind fold the bird with for one word..... payback.

My claws unlatches the lock one down one to go I thought.  I o up to the bright yellow bird then leap up and attack whipping the fabric around his head stuffing him into the cage “Gotcha” I snarl payback was over.

Big Idea:
We have been looking at different plans.
I have learnt that each plan has a different purpose and suits a particular style of writing.
I also looked at how to write a great narrative like what types of adjectives make it interesting and how many clues need to be added.

I think that my story has good adjectives that make it more interesting. If I had more time I would want to make it longer make the problems bigger and add another concept. I think that next time I could add more detail and start off stronger to really hock the reader.

Feedback & Feedforward:
Great Job Bella! I like the adjectives you used, they hooked the reader. Next time you should add something leading up to the problem and sometimes it doesn't quite make sense. Ana

Friday, 21 August 2015

Production Wearable Arts

Description: On Fridays we have been working on our wearable arts. First we chose what group we think suited us then we planed and created mood boards. This year I chose Heroes and Villains for my theme. Overall our theme is Ora life and our goal is reusing/ upcycling. The whole point is that it is good for the environment. It keeps our production cheap.

My Mood Board:

PS. A mood board shows a whole lot of inspiration and designs you might want to add on with or use.

My Plan:

Extra: I want the shape of my wings to end up like this.


So far now I have made my wings, created my mask, taped and painted my weapon.
Yesterday and Today are my paint days were I aim to have all my painting done.
Next week I want to be creating my head piece.


1) The materials that I used to create my garment were:

Fabric chopsticks paper mash and paint.
Most of this was recycled the paint was the only object not given a new purpose.

2) The most challenging thing about production for me was:

Finding a way to connect my eyes and my wings together also keeping up with the time limit.
3) One way I demonstrated a growth mindset during production was:

When my eyes didn't work out I tried another strategy, making them bigger.
I didn't give up though and now I think it looks better bigger.
4) Something I am really proud of about production was:
(I'll update soon on how the day went!)

5) Our school vision is to inspire, agency, creativity and excellence. I showed this by:

I think that I have inspired people with actually making there masks and not buying them.
I have showcased creativity by changing original and creating unique.
I have also completed my whole costume to the best of my ability.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Reading Portfolio Sample

In reading we have been working on Summarizing and Questioning. We had to chose the goal we thought that we most needed to work on. I chose Questioning.
I know that I need to work on Questioning because I need to ask more questions so that I can get deeper in the text.
Lately we have been using charts to labeled Before During & After. We write the before Questions before the story. The during questions during the story and the after questions after the story.

  1. Can’t walk a dog
  2. Can’t take a shower
  3. Can’t tie shoelaces
  4. Can’t use senses
  5. Can’t close curtains
  6. Can’t put earrings in
  7. Can’t smile
  8. Can’t show emotion
  9. Can’t put a sticky paster on
  10. Can’t run a marathon
  11. Can’t swim freestyle
  12. Can’t garden
  13. Can’t prepare a meal
  14. Can’t make a poster
  15. Can’t use a pencil
  16. Can’t do gymnastics
  17. Can’t be a real friend
  18. Can’t create art with a paint brush
  19. Can’t have a bath
  20. Can’t eat a meal
  21. Can’t were clothes
  22. Can’t use a knife
  23. Can’t use its brain
  24. Can’t were shoes
  25. Can’t decorate a room
  26. Can’t run a party
  27. Can’t frown
  28. Can’t fly by itself
  29. Can’t Interview orally
  30. Can’t take written exams
  31. Can’t be a doctor
  32. Can’t be a receptionist
  33. Can’t be an animal
  34. Can’t be a dentist
  35. Can’t feel
  36. Can’t Look
  37. Can’t catch a cold
  38. Can’t get a decease
  39. Can’t cry
  40. Can’t get excited
  41. Can’t sing a tune
  42. Can’t play a flute
  43. Can’t play a trumpet
  44. Can’t play the coronet
  45. Can’t eat a peach
  46. Can’t eat a plum
  47. Can’t write in a book
  48. Can’t sew
  49. Can’t Feed fish
  50. Can’t use hands to drive a car
  51. Can’t wash windows with soap
  52. Can’t play sport
  53. Can’t wash hands
  54. Can’t hang pictures on walls
  55. Can’t paint a house
  56. Can’t use an abacus
  57. Can’t walk down a street
  58. Can’t build a hot tub
  59. Can’t be a mechanic
  60. Can’t lock a lock

Big Idea:
We had to write down as many things as we could think of that a computer CAN’T do.

e.g. A computer can’t eat food etc
Novice -10 things

Expert - 20 things
I learnt that computers can't help us with most things and that some things are better to do independently.

Feedback & Feedforward:
I think that your list is amazing because you went above and beyond the amount we had to do. Next time you should think about more critically about if your reason makes sense. Also you could put your list on a poster so it is more interesting. Ana (Red Fox!)

I think that I have gotten all of my good ideas out and that they are to high quality .
Next time  I need to slow down and think more pushing the shallow ideas out. Maybe I could do less deep ones. If I had more time I would add to it making the answers deep. I think that in terms of amount I have really strived for excellence

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


In class I completed a game Knoword.
It is a quick timed game to see if you can figure out the word by being given the definition and its starting letter.

We have recored evidence of doing this by taking a screenshot of our progress.
This was our high score!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My writing

In Troys writing we have been writing in pairs. I am working on this piece with Ana and this is the first two paragraphs we have completed.

Red fox raced through the forest, black pines towering over her. She pressed her earpiece hoping beyond hope that someone would answer. "Anyone?" She croaked, her harsh voice battered away by the violent wind. No one replied. She hissed in anger, an unusual reaction for a normal human being. But then again Red wasn't any old girl. She pressed a button concealed on her watch and released a trigger, that lifted the screen of the watch up to reveal a hidden compartment. There sat an insignificant piece of delicately folded paper. Red plucked it out and pressed the button again, the screen retracted and returned to normal. Red unfolded the paper and scanned the text. This wasn't going to be easy. Sneaking into the middle of LA and finding one girl in a million.

Sprinting down Red Rum street giggling as her Black panther Stormy nipped her bare heals.
Marly halted, looking over her shoulder at the Black panther that had once saved her life.
Stormy had found Marly when she was only two. He had taken her in and protected her, a favour she might never be able to return. Although Marly named Stormy he would never be claimed by anyone, even her. Marly smiled leaping playfully at Stormy her bare feet slaping onto the concreat. He sprinted away like lightning. Marly laughed as she ran on ahead, Stormy bounding at her heals as they headed further down the dull lit street.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Kupahaka Portfolio sample

Description:Every monday afternoon I have been a part of Kapahaka. At Kapahaka we learn Maori songs and actions. Our Kapahaka performs in performances every year and it is a great way to learn Maori.

Big idea: My goal has bean to learn all of the Kapahaka songs and understand there meanings.
We also learn about Maori culture.
Feedback and Feedforward:
You are a great person to be in Kapahaka. You are also very good at the actions. You learn very fast. What I think you could work more on is the pronouncing of the words. You are a great leader to follow. If I was a little kid I would follow you in Kapahaka. Great Job Bella. Keep up the good work. Rosalind:) 

So far I think I have done a good job with learning the songs.Now I want to work on learning more of there meaning.I need to work on this because I only know a few and I would like to learn the meaning of the Kapahaka songs.

At kapahaka I enjoy...
Learning the story behind the song so that we know what we are singing about.
I am most proud of…
How I have lernt a lots of the songs in just three terms. 
I find The words challenging because…
It is hard to pronounce the words when you are singing.
I am managing this challenge by….Slowly going over the words then remembering it and correcting myself.
A personal goal for me is…To compete in two competitions this year with both the Kapahaka.
Our school wide focus this term has been around showing excellence. I show this at kapahaka by... Focusing and learning the songs to the best of my ability.