Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My writing

In Troys writing we have been writing in pairs. I am working on this piece with Ana and this is the first two paragraphs we have completed.

Red fox raced through the forest, black pines towering over her. She pressed her earpiece hoping beyond hope that someone would answer. "Anyone?" She croaked, her harsh voice battered away by the violent wind. No one replied. She hissed in anger, an unusual reaction for a normal human being. But then again Red wasn't any old girl. She pressed a button concealed on her watch and released a trigger, that lifted the screen of the watch up to reveal a hidden compartment. There sat an insignificant piece of delicately folded paper. Red plucked it out and pressed the button again, the screen retracted and returned to normal. Red unfolded the paper and scanned the text. This wasn't going to be easy. Sneaking into the middle of LA and finding one girl in a million.

Sprinting down Red Rum street giggling as her Black panther Stormy nipped her bare heals.
Marly halted, looking over her shoulder at the Black panther that had once saved her life.
Stormy had found Marly when she was only two. He had taken her in and protected her, a favour she might never be able to return. Although Marly named Stormy he would never be claimed by anyone, even her. Marly smiled leaping playfully at Stormy her bare feet slaping onto the concreat. He sprinted away like lightning. Marly laughed as she ran on ahead, Stormy bounding at her heals as they headed further down the dull lit street.

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