Wednesday, 24 June 2015


In class I completed a game Knoword.
It is a quick timed game to see if you can figure out the word by being given the definition and its starting letter.

We have recored evidence of doing this by taking a screenshot of our progress.
This was our high score!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My writing

In Troys writing we have been writing in pairs. I am working on this piece with Ana and this is the first two paragraphs we have completed.

Red fox raced through the forest, black pines towering over her. She pressed her earpiece hoping beyond hope that someone would answer. "Anyone?" She croaked, her harsh voice battered away by the violent wind. No one replied. She hissed in anger, an unusual reaction for a normal human being. But then again Red wasn't any old girl. She pressed a button concealed on her watch and released a trigger, that lifted the screen of the watch up to reveal a hidden compartment. There sat an insignificant piece of delicately folded paper. Red plucked it out and pressed the button again, the screen retracted and returned to normal. Red unfolded the paper and scanned the text. This wasn't going to be easy. Sneaking into the middle of LA and finding one girl in a million.

Sprinting down Red Rum street giggling as her Black panther Stormy nipped her bare heals.
Marly halted, looking over her shoulder at the Black panther that had once saved her life.
Stormy had found Marly when she was only two. He had taken her in and protected her, a favour she might never be able to return. Although Marly named Stormy he would never be claimed by anyone, even her. Marly smiled leaping playfully at Stormy her bare feet slaping onto the concreat. He sprinted away like lightning. Marly laughed as she ran on ahead, Stormy bounding at her heals as they headed further down the dull lit street.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Kupahaka Portfolio sample

Description:Every monday afternoon I have been a part of Kapahaka. At Kapahaka we learn Maori songs and actions. Our Kapahaka performs in performances every year and it is a great way to learn Maori.

Big idea: My goal has bean to learn all of the Kapahaka songs and understand there meanings.
We also learn about Maori culture.
Feedback and Feedforward:
You are a great person to be in Kapahaka. You are also very good at the actions. You learn very fast. What I think you could work more on is the pronouncing of the words. You are a great leader to follow. If I was a little kid I would follow you in Kapahaka. Great Job Bella. Keep up the good work. Rosalind:) 

So far I think I have done a good job with learning the songs.Now I want to work on learning more of there meaning.I need to work on this because I only know a few and I would like to learn the meaning of the Kapahaka songs.

At kapahaka I enjoy...
Learning the story behind the song so that we know what we are singing about.
I am most proud of…
How I have lernt a lots of the songs in just three terms. 
I find The words challenging because…
It is hard to pronounce the words when you are singing.
I am managing this challenge by….Slowly going over the words then remembering it and correcting myself.
A personal goal for me is…To compete in two competitions this year with both the Kapahaka.
Our school wide focus this term has been around showing excellence. I show this at kapahaka by... Focusing and learning the songs to the best of my ability.

Two Stars and a Wish

In class we created a Two Stars And A Wish.  We reflected on our Goal mine is to take my learning further and take everything to the next step.

Evaluation: I think that I have done a good job with creating my Two Stars And A Wish. 
Next time I could add more information to my goal and wish.

Star= A highlight

Wish= Something I need to work on.


Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maths portfolio sample

In maths we have bean working on strategy maths. This maths is slower than knowlege and takes longer to answer, it also requres a strategy to help you work the answer out.
I am working on stage 6.
We have been takeing one workshop every week to run throgh all the strategies we have been learning.

Big Idea:
This week we got given a peice to work on (Showen above). It has prices with question we had to answer. Our stage 6 goal was to widen our range of strategies. Here are some that we have bean working on.

Ronding and compensating 


Eqaul Additions 

Standed Place Value Partitioning 

Lately I have been working on Place Value.

My Answers:

Problem 1:
379 + 345 = 724

Problem 2:
215 - 155 = 60

Problem 3:
289 + 137 =  426

Problem 4:
289 + 155 = 134

Feedback and Feedforward: Great job Bella! You did really good at getting what you got done in the short amount of time you had. Maybe next time you could try to find time at home to do it as well. Ana

I think that I did a good job with completeing my task. I think that if I had more time, I would try useing more stategies to help my learning and to put myself in the pit.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Writing sample

This term my focus in writing has been complex sentences we created a story based on the video (Shown below) of the mouse for sale. After we have finished the story we colored the complex sentences red.

Big Idea:
A complex sentence is a sentence with a dependent clause and an independent clause or a simple sentence.  The independent clause can stand on it's own but the dependent can not so you have to add it to the start or end of the independent clause like this.  Pushing it open, I stepped inside the old door
The green is the independent clause the red is the dependent clause.

Feedback and feedforward: Great job Bellso! I like the way you wrote it from two points of view. Next time you could work on your spelling. Ana

I think that I did a god job with the layout of my story if I had more time I would edit it more and make sure that the two points of views are not confusing.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Reading Tic Tac Toe

Task: Writing interview

Description: This term my goal is Expand Vocabulary. We have bean working on using clues in the rest of the context so we can try figure out the words meaning, After that we can add the word to our brain of knowledge.

SC: Our aim was to...

Use clues in the rest of the context so we can try figure out the words meaning,

To re-read the text so we can understand the words better

To Read on the rest of the text might help or give clues about the words meaning

My Sample

Word/Name: Disgust

Hi Disgust how has your day been so far?

Who CARES "Rolled eyes"

What is the beast part of being a juicy word what is your name mainly used for and what is the meaning?

The best part is that you get used lots but you are awesome and add impact unlike some of those stuck up and show off words like said, and, the, yes,  and no. The meaning of my word is when something is gross and you hate it. And yeah if you're wondering I DID get named after my attitude. 

What is your favourite coulor and why?

Green. By green I mean a dark moldy yuck green not the light happy bright green it's for princesses. 

OK Disgust do you have ant messages for all the people that use your name in their writing?

Yes, Use my name only for it's meaning make sure it makes sense and make it interesting. Never use those stuck up words more than us.

Thank you Disgust we have really enjoyed interviewing you.

"Snort" Like I'd care.

Feedback and Feedforward :  Bella you did very well in using describing words You need to work butting a little more detail in your writing but you did very well Emma.

Evaluation: I think that I did a good job at making it interesting and hooking the reader in. I need to work on adding more detail and if I had more time I would interview several words.