Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Pae Tamariki


On the 31 July our school Kapa Haka group went to Pae Tamariki. Pae Tamariki is a Maori 
preforming showcase. This year we had a big group performing at the Regent and we did really well encouraging each other and learning the songs.  

Big Idea:
At Pae Tamariki, I felt...  

Challenged. It was my first Kapa Haka performance and I didn't want to mess up.
Afterwards I felt really proud and happy of myself and our group.

I felt most proud of…

The whole performance. I think that I really stepped up from our practices.
I felt really out of my comfit zone.

I found....challenging because…

Learning all the dances the words and actions putting them together and preforming them
to the best of my ability.

I managed this challenge by….

Trying my hardest and going to all the practices.

At Kapa Haka, I next want to...

Continue with learning all the songs and going to performances.

Feedback/Feedforward: Great Job on preforming Bella! I think you did really well at preforming your best and striving for excellence. Next time you could explain why you found learning all the dances, the words and the actions and putting them together to preform to the best of your ability hard. Ana

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  1. Wow, you did a great job especially as it was your first performance. You all looked wonderful in the videos, we all wish we could have been there to see you all perform. I am glad that you enjoyed performing and want to continue to learn new songs and perform again.