Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Writing Portfolio Sample

In writing we have been learning about generating ideas. When we generate ideas we create a really good plan that helps us recognize the order of events, how to give good clues and how long or short we want our story to be. We have been looking at different types of plans not just the usual circle line circle plan.

My goal is to use planing templates.


I raised one paw scratching my sharp curved claws along the metal bars. A short sharp squawk is let out in the tone of a laugh “It’s useless” he squawks  at me behind the cage walls I bar my teeth not that he can see trough the the piece of fabric tied in a bow holding my mouth shut. Damn it I think how did I get myself into this mess. The small yellow bird that I call Chat-Box is lurking around. He leaps up onto the top of his monstrous cage. I snarl but I sounds like I am throwing up dinner that I haven’t eaten for a week. I am starved although... dinner is alive in this room.

Distress washes over me like a wave in the Ocean sending a chill of anxiety down my spine. I leap up and attack after all I am the predator! “Damn you cat I am the one with all the power don’t kill my vibe.” Chat-Box squawks angrily but this just irritates me more I MUST get out of this cage now. I’ve tried the keys he’ll be prepared for that no I need something clever. I look at the latch. Up close it is actually rather pretty it is old and battered but looked comforting with its golden rusted edges. The latch itself looks big enough for my claws. Yep thats my plan the cat is out of here the latch will be hacked.

The birds back is turned and he is talking to his minions. Now is my chance I whip around facing the lock before jamming my claws  through the cages patterned hole “What are you doing trying to escape!!!” A familiar voice sounds I whip around but something stops me I crane my neck around but whoever he was talking to it wasn’t me I yank my head hard. It’s still stuck I rip it the silky soft fabric is ripped from its bow perfect I thought the whole time I had needed something to blind fold the bird with for one word..... payback.

My claws unlatches the lock one down one to go I thought.  I o up to the bright yellow bird then leap up and attack whipping the fabric around his head stuffing him into the cage “Gotcha” I snarl payback was over.

Big Idea:
We have been looking at different plans.
I have learnt that each plan has a different purpose and suits a particular style of writing.
I also looked at how to write a great narrative like what types of adjectives make it interesting and how many clues need to be added.

I think that my story has good adjectives that make it more interesting. If I had more time I would want to make it longer make the problems bigger and add another concept. I think that next time I could add more detail and start off stronger to really hock the reader.

Feedback & Feedforward:
Great Job Bella! I like the adjectives you used, they hooked the reader. Next time you should add something leading up to the problem and sometimes it doesn't quite make sense. Ana


  1. Hey Bella! I love the plot of your story. Next time you could put your planning templates on the post and you could check punctuation because sometimes it didn't make sense.

  2. Bella, I know you struggled with your first draft of this activity, and you produced a much more descriptive and engaging piece with a style you felt more comfortable with. You are an amazing writer and the language you use in your writing creates such amazing imagery for your reader. We talked about a next step for you being putting yourself out of your comfort zone and writing in ways that challenge you - I look forward to seeing you rise to that challenge next term!