Friday, 25 September 2015

Reading tic tac toes

For reading we looked at this photo.

We had to think of questions and record them.


  1. Why are they helping each other?
  2. What douse CFA stand for?
  3. Why is the man holding the Koalas hand?
  4. Was there some sort of fire or harmful event?
  5. Was ether of them injured or hurt?
  6. What could other people do to be more like this and help one and other?
  7. What is this an example of?
  8. How can we do this on a day to day basses?
  9. What prime example is it showing us?
  10. Have they seen each other before?
  11. How long ago did this take place?
  12. Have they ever seen each other since?
  13.   Where has this taken place?
  14. What can we learn from this?
  15. What else is this picture apart from showing friendship?
  16. Has a similar example taken place or can we try make more happen.
  17. Was it a bush fire?
  18. Who else was at the scene?
  19. What values is it showing?
  20. What can I learn from this?

To me this photo shows Kindness and Willingness towards each other with not only Humans but Animals. We need to use these examples more during out day to day life.
I think that we can all learn from this and try use it more. This isn’t something that we should try to do it is something we must do. 

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