Thursday, 29 May 2014

Math sample

Hi. This is my maths sample. It is about our new strategy to solve hard times tables using our 5 times tables.

I think that I have done a good job on my poster. I also understand this strategy!

What? We are making a maths strategy sample.
Why? To show we understand the strategy, to share during our Student Led Conference.
When? Week 4/5
Who? The World

Our sample needs to be a balanced mix of explaining and entertaining.

Your post must have a:
  1. Title (capital letters for beginning of each word)

  2. WALT at the top

  3. Image - something visual for the reader e.g. photo, diagram, video etc.

  4. Description: We had to make something that would prove how we knew one of our math strategies in class. I decided to create a poster. I tried to make it look bright and cheerful so that people would want to look at it.

  5. Evaluation
    1. I think that I have done a good job on my poster. I also understand this strategy!

  6. Feedback/feedforward from buddy/teacher/parent

Examples of success:
- Pen and paper

This is my sample I hope you learn from it.

Thursday, 15 May 2014


In class we are doing some spelling activities this is this weeks one is to crate a tower to help us learn how to spell each word correctly.

TASK: Create a tower to help you learn your words.

WALT: Learn our spelling words for the week.

Writers notebook

This is my temperature page in my writers note book the right side is about things that are hot and the left is things that are cold.

Task: To create a page about temp.

 Have a look!

Tables challenge

What is tables challenge? Well you get a sheet and it has a lot of times tables on it there are 50. So here is what happens you have three minutes to complete the test no more than that. Then you mark it. If you get 50 out of 50 you move up to the next level if you got 49 or lower you do the same test again the next day.

After you finish the test you write down your score in your graph here is my graph so far I am on level D.

Monday, 12 May 2014

States of matter

We have been learning about the three stats of matter. Solid. Liquid and Gas.

Have a look at the closed reading activity we did.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Learning partner

We had too change learning partners. I was put with Jade. Look at the cool poster we made together.
Walt. To get to know are learning partner.