Thursday, 3 September 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

During Maths we have been working on Multiplying and Dividing. At the moment I am working at stage 7. I find that Dividing 2 digit numbers AKA 73 ÷ 26 is harder than 23 ÷ 8. There are loads of different strategies.


Big  Idea:
We have been learning to use the most appropriate strategy for the question.

So far we have Proportional adjustment (P.L.A.T you split it)
Known Facts (KF Although we like it better with a C = KFC!!!!!)
Alga-rhythm  (Dinosaur Maths or old maths can only be used sometimes)

Feedback & Feedforward: I like the fact that you are using Alga-rhythms and you are using your strategies brilliantly. You could use more of a variety of strategies because sometimes you will find questions that will take ages to work out with those strategies that you are using. Ana

I think that I have done a good job at using these strategies. I think that next time I could add more detail and understand these strategies more so that I can use them. I could use more of a variety of strategies so that I can solve the answers quicker.

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  1. Bella, I have loved working with you for Maths again and the fact that you want to stretch yourself and come with the Mathex kids as well as your usual groups shows a real growth mindset, Well Done. Are you missing one of the questions as there should be two problems? I agree with your evaluation that you could add a lot more detail to this post so that people could learn from you.