Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Here are my plurals... We are learning how to spell words containing plurals.

Monday, 23 September 2013

100 posts!

Yay I made it to 100 Posts! My next goal is 150!


Here is the next piece that is uncovered! Good luck!

Friday, 20 September 2013


Here is my story... We are learning how to write a character description using similes.

Aunty Ginny

 She is a VIP! Her name is Ginny. Her green twinkling eyes shine like fireflies. She adores tight black singlets and tops. Shadowy black hair like the shadows that come out at night, surround her head with a soft shade of brown. Shiny white teeth glitter they are like the pale white polished table that you just cleaned top to bottom. Ginny has dark eye lashes that mach her dark black hair. She is really tall and wears slip on shoes (not high heels). Her laughter and funny stories brings happiness to any room. She has perfect pale skin with only a slight tan to it. 

Ginny normally wears tight skinny jeans in faded denim or pants the colour of the black night sky that make her stand out. A couple of separated strands of hair fall down the side of her face like a lion that has been separated from its herd. Her stride is bouncy and sometimes her hair is tied in a bun and it bobbles up and down when she steps. She has a hole in her earlobe that is smaller than an ant. Inside it she places a gold or sliver earring shiny like the moons reflection in the water. Her goodnight hugs are forgiving and flooded with love and kindness. 

Her tone can be serious like world war two or her voice can be rolling, kind, smoothing and gentle. She is forgiving and strolls at a medium pace. Her jog is slow but that never stops her. Ginny would never do something if it didn’t feel right just the way a kid wouldn’t pick a lollypop off the ground and eat it! Her kind and loyal voice will bring a warming grin to anyone that hears the sound. The slow but soft touch of her reassuring quivering hand feels like your mother telling you during an earthquake that everything will be alright.

 Her tears are slow, salty, and droopy and the spark in her eye becomes lost just the way a small snail could in the rainforest, It looks a bit like the blinding lights of the city being fired into her eyes blinding her sorrow. Apart from that her eyes naturally stay twinkling in the sun or moonlight. 

There is a spark of kindness, bravery and happiness inside her heart that only she knows about. I think that if she wasn’t here on this planet that everyone and everything will die because she is the spark that holds this planet alive. 

Her accent is easy to figure out where she comes from. New Zealand. Though when she is mad it becomes harder to tell. 

People say things like “Ginny is a super star” and other think different. Some think she is one to show her face in 100 places and others think that she is fab. 

Her old students both Russell St and Roslyn school will remember her funny laughter and look forward to visits, for now she lives in Taupo which is like the incarnated forest of far far away. Ginny inspires lots of kids not only to learn but to have fun. There is only a slight fire of aggressiveness in her body but not a single bad bone. I love her and I know lots of others do but not everybody does. Beware for if she gets mad it is impossible to escape nearly as hard as it would be if you where trapped in jail with a dynamite that is about to EXPLODE! She is fit but not stopped by what others think of her. Ginny is dedicated to her teaching and is a pleasure to have as a teacher.

She recently moved to Taupo further into the city. She lives with her husband Saul, her 1 year old boy Miles, the cheeky little 3 year old girl Annie and the soon to be 0 child bump!

She hangs out in the city with all of her family. Saul works at Pita Pit. Her daughter Annie has a HUGE sense of humor, loves her cousin Lewis AND being the center of attention. Miles is a big cutie and hates to be pushed out of the center of attention by his older sis. Bump could be a boy or girl and we are yet to know his or her personality!

The big family (and Bump!) are all really close and go for a lot of walks in the park and playground. Miles is a hugger and Annie hates not getting her way. Ginny loves her family even when there crying (Miles) and fighting (Annie) or even helping (Saul). Ginny used to work in Palmy at Russell St School then she had Annie and moved to work at Rosalyn School. When she worked at Rosalyn School she lived in an old whether batten house with a large tree rotted into the backyard. The inside it is rather nice with the warm flower smell it is small but could be sold very easily!

Not long ago they sold that house and moved to Taupo They brought a nice looking house and settled down in there for a while before moving further out of town. Annie and miles have there own bedrooms and different colour scales.  Butterflies and bunnies are Annie’s theme, But robots, black and blue are Miles. Ginny likes plain dark colours that always seem bright when she is there. She owns a dark blue car with suntanned metal. Her main colours are blue and black that always seam bright around her!


Here is my hands on homework!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tweet of the week

Who is tweet of the week? Watch to find out...


Here is an image that I have blacked out! Each day I will uncover a shape of the image. You can leave a comment of two questions for me to answer. The first person to tiger out the answer wins. You can NOT ask the question what is it! Good Luck!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


In class we have been doing calendar art. We did ours on kidsedchatnz see the kidsedchatnz blog for how to join and topic questions! Click here to go to the kidsedchatnz blog
We are learning about Kidsedchatnz and how the different twitter symbols work.

First we made the back ground with any colour you want on pages. Then you make a clear big title with the label kidsedchatnz.  Create words that describe kidsedchatnz to fill in all spaces.

Make sure that no pluses or blank text boxes can be sean. Then print you pages document. The background its self should take about an hour. When you have your background printed out draw or trace a twitter bird on a pice of cardboard then cut it out! Colour in your bird a light blue. Stick the bird on.

Draw some symbols from twitter then color them any cooler you like! Cut then out. Glue them onto your bird. Done you have your own twitter art!

Monday, 16 September 2013


In class we have been learning about rules. Rules are dividing multiplying adding and subtracting! Here is an example!

Show Hunter

YAY! I've made it into the manawatu show hunter champs! When is it? Well it is at Foxten from the 4th of October to the 6th! Check out this video of my jumping at Hastings and my result letter!

Click here to view my round!

 AWESOME now for my round...

Dance NZ

A couple of weeks ago RSS took part in the Dance NZ competition at the Regent Theatre. It was a fantastic night and our dance group came 3rd! Here is a photo of the kids who took part from R5!


Today R5 & R4 put on assembly!
I HUGE thank you goes out to Olivia, our college teacher who taught our class a dance and helped out with assembly! Thanks Olivia, you did a great job!


We have been playing dodge ball lately in class. Here is  a video. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


We have been doing kidsedchatnz lately. It is an awesome learning tool!


Check out this awesome poster I made! We are learning to show integrity and how to use Strip Design.