Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Today we were learning about nets we had to see what 3d shapes look like when they are flat end out. Here is a triangle based pyramid and a pentagonal prism! I accidentally put four lines insted of five on the pentagonal prism!

Thursday, 28 November 2013


In maths we are learning Edges, Faces and Corners. Stephen showed us a formula to make sure we were right. For the Triangluar Prism we came up with C 6 E 9 F 5. The formula worked. When we tried the pentaganal pyramid we came up with C 6 E 10 F 6 again the formula worked.

Monday, 25 November 2013


Here is a cool poster about shapes. I hope that you enjoy it!

Friday, 1 November 2013

My poster

Here as an awesome poster I mad on learning check it out!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Friday, 18 October 2013

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


She is the best friend ever. Her dark black hair hang just past shoulder length. Hter eyes are an unmistakable light blue eyes shine like the moons reflection on the water. Her smile shows a the liveliness of her life and her skin is a pale shade of brown. Maia wears bright clothes but anything she wears bring out the sweet smell of horses! She is tall for her age and friendly.

She has a great attitude towards learning and ponies! Her respect for animals really shows and her mother says that all animals are attracted to her. She loves sport and won  cross country over the last couple of years.

Everyone respects her love for animals and her friends at Ashurst school crowd her each day. I love Maia for who she is and I know that her friend think the same. Her love of sport and ponies does not affect those that don’t.

She adores her ponies Vinnie, Ruben and Miki. But sadly the last two Ruben and Miki have been sold. She has her own bedroom which she guards from her brother. She has her own desk and window with the best view of the ponies. Maia has a black jacket which she takes everywhere!

Maia is an awesome friend!   


Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Here are my plurals... We are learning how to spell words containing plurals.

Monday, 23 September 2013

100 posts!

Yay I made it to 100 Posts! My next goal is 150!


Here is the next piece that is uncovered! Good luck!

Friday, 20 September 2013


Here is my story... We are learning how to write a character description using similes.

Aunty Ginny

 She is a VIP! Her name is Ginny. Her green twinkling eyes shine like fireflies. She adores tight black singlets and tops. Shadowy black hair like the shadows that come out at night, surround her head with a soft shade of brown. Shiny white teeth glitter they are like the pale white polished table that you just cleaned top to bottom. Ginny has dark eye lashes that mach her dark black hair. She is really tall and wears slip on shoes (not high heels). Her laughter and funny stories brings happiness to any room. She has perfect pale skin with only a slight tan to it. 

Ginny normally wears tight skinny jeans in faded denim or pants the colour of the black night sky that make her stand out. A couple of separated strands of hair fall down the side of her face like a lion that has been separated from its herd. Her stride is bouncy and sometimes her hair is tied in a bun and it bobbles up and down when she steps. She has a hole in her earlobe that is smaller than an ant. Inside it she places a gold or sliver earring shiny like the moons reflection in the water. Her goodnight hugs are forgiving and flooded with love and kindness. 

Her tone can be serious like world war two or her voice can be rolling, kind, smoothing and gentle. She is forgiving and strolls at a medium pace. Her jog is slow but that never stops her. Ginny would never do something if it didn’t feel right just the way a kid wouldn’t pick a lollypop off the ground and eat it! Her kind and loyal voice will bring a warming grin to anyone that hears the sound. The slow but soft touch of her reassuring quivering hand feels like your mother telling you during an earthquake that everything will be alright.

 Her tears are slow, salty, and droopy and the spark in her eye becomes lost just the way a small snail could in the rainforest, It looks a bit like the blinding lights of the city being fired into her eyes blinding her sorrow. Apart from that her eyes naturally stay twinkling in the sun or moonlight. 

There is a spark of kindness, bravery and happiness inside her heart that only she knows about. I think that if she wasn’t here on this planet that everyone and everything will die because she is the spark that holds this planet alive. 

Her accent is easy to figure out where she comes from. New Zealand. Though when she is mad it becomes harder to tell. 

People say things like “Ginny is a super star” and other think different. Some think she is one to show her face in 100 places and others think that she is fab. 

Her old students both Russell St and Roslyn school will remember her funny laughter and look forward to visits, for now she lives in Taupo which is like the incarnated forest of far far away. Ginny inspires lots of kids not only to learn but to have fun. There is only a slight fire of aggressiveness in her body but not a single bad bone. I love her and I know lots of others do but not everybody does. Beware for if she gets mad it is impossible to escape nearly as hard as it would be if you where trapped in jail with a dynamite that is about to EXPLODE! She is fit but not stopped by what others think of her. Ginny is dedicated to her teaching and is a pleasure to have as a teacher.

She recently moved to Taupo further into the city. She lives with her husband Saul, her 1 year old boy Miles, the cheeky little 3 year old girl Annie and the soon to be 0 child bump!

She hangs out in the city with all of her family. Saul works at Pita Pit. Her daughter Annie has a HUGE sense of humor, loves her cousin Lewis AND being the center of attention. Miles is a big cutie and hates to be pushed out of the center of attention by his older sis. Bump could be a boy or girl and we are yet to know his or her personality!

The big family (and Bump!) are all really close and go for a lot of walks in the park and playground. Miles is a hugger and Annie hates not getting her way. Ginny loves her family even when there crying (Miles) and fighting (Annie) or even helping (Saul). Ginny used to work in Palmy at Russell St School then she had Annie and moved to work at Rosalyn School. When she worked at Rosalyn School she lived in an old whether batten house with a large tree rotted into the backyard. The inside it is rather nice with the warm flower smell it is small but could be sold very easily!

Not long ago they sold that house and moved to Taupo They brought a nice looking house and settled down in there for a while before moving further out of town. Annie and miles have there own bedrooms and different colour scales.  Butterflies and bunnies are Annie’s theme, But robots, black and blue are Miles. Ginny likes plain dark colours that always seem bright when she is there. She owns a dark blue car with suntanned metal. Her main colours are blue and black that always seam bright around her!


Here is my hands on homework!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tweet of the week

Who is tweet of the week? Watch to find out...


Here is an image that I have blacked out! Each day I will uncover a shape of the image. You can leave a comment of two questions for me to answer. The first person to tiger out the answer wins. You can NOT ask the question what is it! Good Luck!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


In class we have been doing calendar art. We did ours on kidsedchatnz see the kidsedchatnz blog for how to join and topic questions! Click here to go to the kidsedchatnz blog
We are learning about Kidsedchatnz and how the different twitter symbols work.

First we made the back ground with any colour you want on pages. Then you make a clear big title with the label kidsedchatnz.  Create words that describe kidsedchatnz to fill in all spaces.

Make sure that no pluses or blank text boxes can be sean. Then print you pages document. The background its self should take about an hour. When you have your background printed out draw or trace a twitter bird on a pice of cardboard then cut it out! Colour in your bird a light blue. Stick the bird on.

Draw some symbols from twitter then color them any cooler you like! Cut then out. Glue them onto your bird. Done you have your own twitter art!

Monday, 16 September 2013


In class we have been learning about rules. Rules are dividing multiplying adding and subtracting! Here is an example!

Show Hunter

YAY! I've made it into the manawatu show hunter champs! When is it? Well it is at Foxten from the 4th of October to the 6th! Check out this video of my jumping at Hastings and my result letter!

Click here to view my round!

 AWESOME now for my round...

Dance NZ

A couple of weeks ago RSS took part in the Dance NZ competition at the Regent Theatre. It was a fantastic night and our dance group came 3rd! Here is a photo of the kids who took part from R5!


Today R5 & R4 put on assembly!
I HUGE thank you goes out to Olivia, our college teacher who taught our class a dance and helped out with assembly! Thanks Olivia, you did a great job!


We have been playing dodge ball lately in class. Here is  a video. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


We have been doing kidsedchatnz lately. It is an awesome learning tool!


Check out this awesome poster I made! We are learning to show integrity and how to use Strip Design.

Thursday, 29 August 2013


Today in maths Georgia Grace and I made a Hakui deal here it is!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Yesterday we did some science. We did a science experiment. It was called Cornflour vs Water. The  ingredients were Cornflour, Water, A bowl, A spoon, Food colouring and measuring cups. My prediction was that I thought when you picked it up it would be hard when you let go it will melt. Do the experiment your self to find out what happens. Here is a photo of Room 4.5 doing the experiment!

Book Character day

It was Book Character Day at school.I was dressed as my favorite book Character. Here is some photos from book Character day.

"Yaaa!"I screeched as my stick met hers. My heart was pumped. I swung my hand in the air and ran around the class with great courage. A glad smile waved across my face as the wind whipped my hair round in circles. She started to chase me I leapt towards the exit and galloped out it Laghing my head of as I landed in a pile with the which.

Here are some photos!


It is maths week so Stephen decided to make a shape challenge for us. Guess what I only have 4 more to find thats not much compered to the 25 that we had at the start! Here are some photos!


Here is the start of our dance hope you like it.

Thursday, 1 August 2013


Here is my awesome explanation for what we are learning in maths. Please leave a comment of a question for me to answer. Then come back later to see my answer!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Fun in the snow!

We went to our Nan and Poppa's house. It was nearly snowing. We were guttered that the snow didn't settle because the conditions weren't right. We still got to row in a little boat! I turned out to be quite good. There is another photo of a 1 year old pony called Bryn enjoying the snow with Ellie a little over grown mini! And how could I feet Gus the sheepdog! We were planing on a bomb fire to roast marshmallows  but the wood was too wet!

Roller Disco

At school there was a roller disco. We got a photo of me Georgia and Sophie. I hope you like it!

My Poster

On friday it was my birthday. I had a party at the Lido (Sorry that there are no photos my mum left the camera in the car!) I had a sleepover with my best friend Maia. We made a poster of our life with the ponies. There is also another photo of me and her in matching clothes on Oscar.

Visual Language

Today was the last day of term 2, yippee! It has been the busiest term that I can remember and as a reward for all our hard work we decided to let our hair down a little.
What did we do? Visual Language! Here is a photo of R5 enjoying their visual language treat!

Friday, 12 July 2013

My Homework task.

Here is my google form I made it on pets doing. Feel free to leave a comment on why I did a good job. I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Movie

Here is a movie I made on support...


Check out this video Georgia made of snippets of the night!

Bar Charts

This is my graph I made on people in room5's favorite takeaway. Check it out. If you want to have a vote look at the poll daddy on the side of my blog. Here is the link to the awesome Bar chart maker!
Click here to go to the bar making web.


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Reading Time

Today in reading time we where practicing our fluency and expression. Check out this Educreations I made with Georgia.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bailey's homework.

Last week’s hands-on homework task was to make a puppet pal using a variety of Maori words. Check out this fantastic effort by Bailey and his Granddad!


Hands on homework task.

This weeks homework task is to create a google form. What is a google form? Well, a google form is a place where you can collect data or information from other people you create one, and others vote. So what are you waiting for get stared on google drive!

PS. This is only a photo!

Hannah's 365 poster!

Check out this cool poster that Hannah designed to help sell the 365 cereal. I think she did an awesome job!

Monday, 8 July 2013

The great milk explosion!

Well, not acutely an explosion. But more like an experimental thing check it out!


Here are two girls  fighting to be a superhero...

Production writing!

At 6o'clock at night I felt my foot slip on the soft silk material of the Reagent Theater as I entered the massive door. Anxiety fell upon me, I gulped this was the final but what if we didn't get a 10/10 mark from Stephen/ Questions float around in my head. I was changed and ready, eyeliner  on as well but just as I though I was ready which was as soon as I stepped into . The changing room Stephen told me to get my cheeks done I was first in line. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me sarcatisly "But my cheeks are already done!" Said the sartasic voice "Not with paint." Another voice said seriously. Then Georgia rushed up to me as I left down the creaking stairs "CREEK" They went as I tumbled down the first one
Towards ukealle.. "No" Panted Georgia "It hasn't started yet" She called after me "Oh." I called back to her before leaping up the stair case again. Next I asked Stephen how long the dragging chain of time would take, He clapped his hands "BANG" it shouted "Now." He said eager for us to sprint past.

We weren't late but early. The ukes caught the corner of my eye. It was time to captivate the growing crowed! Time came and past and the marimba put on a stunning show! Next was us!We all grabbed and snatched ukes of the off the soft silk rug beneath them Lining up in two perfect rows to show off our talent.

"Don't play" Cried Jennifer "Stand by the wall" She commanded. It sounded like she was having the final straw! Excitedly we made our proud entrance onto the stage. Whispering about folders and stuff before the HUGE red curtain went up was normal. When the curtain finally scrambled up I tensed capturing the moment that it lifted of the ground like a rocket but not as fast. The shock wave attacked me Suspense hit me, I looked down at my uke as the music flowed through I strummed my fingers along to the beat.

By the time the suspense wore off I saw the HUGE red curtain lift off the ground. We trotted of stage. I put the uke down before twisting and bouncing up the long winding stairs. After bonding up the stairs I rushed into our changing room to find that some boys had searched my bag and found the iPad. Man they were inpatient! Thoughts of anxiety bounced of the side of my brain before tumbling to the
bottom. I got my second game out which included sharp pencils. Soon we were forested back into the changing rooms. Stephen told us what to do on stage including "Don't forget to smile!"I felt the heat rising from below like a fire was burning down stairs. Then we grasped our props and adjusted our costumes before galloping out the door in a gigantic tumble. 

When we got back stage we saw a breath taking sight of our buddies still on stage! Then everything went black. I felt a while lot of different textures swirling around in my stomach. We clambered onto the dark wooden stage trying not to disturb the hosts that were introducing us. Then the shock wave attacked me hitting me in the head with suspense. As the music started we let it slip through us. We felt the beat and bounced to the rhythm. We took control of the stage! I saw the captivated crowd staring at us. We were the stars! As the boys wiggled on stage we watched their lines. Then the music signaled us into place we carried on with Ana leading our line. Then we strutted of stage poshly before the boys wiggle of like clowns so not nearly as posh! When Bailey had finished his clown dace we twisted on stage, stood on the silk floor than twilled neatly towards the audience. We tip toed to the back of the stage than turned carefully away from the audience before turning to face them again. The chain that was linked between our arms broke and we became separate again. Then to Finnish the performance we blew a kiss to the captivated clapping crowd! What a spectacular show! We had rocked the stage to bits! 

Relief and happiness hit me in the face with pride. I told you about uke the class dance but not yet the teachers dance or the finally.

Well, it all stared with eyes from the kids at the back were glued to the teachers. What really got are attention was the costumes, Stephen was wearing a dress! It was like a big mix up all the males were wearing female clothes and some of the females were wearing male clothes! Another comparison would be it was like a tiger that got mixed with a spotted dog! The teachers left us in fits of giggles! We managed to pull our selves to gather anough to lift our bodies off the ground.

We grooved the school proud! I trotted off stage got changed and collected my stuff before peering back at the raving crowd to find my Mum and Dad. I waved before heading out the door towards them. The smile that was glued to my face appeared stronger as I ran to my pedants. We steeped out side the Reagent Theater I felt the freezing gentle breeze brush past my cheek, Suddenly I take back what I said about swimming sports and name this as the best trip of the year.
                                                        What a great experience

By Bella!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Maori Language Week!

Here is a Haiku Deck I made during maori language week. I made it with Georgia and Hannah. I hope you like it!

PS: Click on the link below to view it!

  Maori Language Week - Presentation Software That's Simple, Beautiful, and Fun | Haiku Deck

Friday, 5 July 2013

Basic Facts sample

My first basic facts score at the start of the year was 51.
This term I'm at 100!
Here is our strategies and my test results that I have put in a graph.

Blog Spotlight

Yesterday Stephen thought that he would chose a blog that was fab.
My blog won! Please leave a comment about how you rate my blog!


Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Monday was the first day of selling the breakfast cereal that we have been  making. We had an excellent turn out and were really pleased with the results.
How many boxes did we sell? Well, during Maths time today we worked out the result! Check out our thinking!
By Wednesday we sold OUT  so sorry if you want some!

Making goals!

I've been making some goals. This goal is to get 100 Posts at the end of the year. I can't wait. I'll let you know when I'm there!


In class we are learning Statistics. We went out on the street to collect data. I learnt that data and information mean the same thing. When some of the trucks came past they honked. Check out the cool photo of us on the street!

My Production reflection

This is my Reflection on production. Watch "the real thing" post to see how we went!


I went to Ana house one day. Check out our learning!

Hamburger Art

This week we have been making hamburgers to go with our drink bottles up on the wall. Here is my hamburger.

Monday, 1 July 2013

The real thing!

Here is the dance we did at the reagent. Leave a comment about how you think it went!

Sunday, 30 June 2013


This weeks hands on homework task is to make a writers book. We will be using it in class for writing. We had to put some things in that a writer would put in there book. Here is Georgia's  awesome notebook!

Photos from production!

Production night was an awesome experience for everyone involved! Check out some of the photos!

Cereal Ad

During this term Rooms 3, 6 and 5 have been working together to produce their very own breakfast cereal. R6 are making the product, R3 are packaging it and R5 are marketing it. The ingredients we have used for the cereal are granola, puffed rice, mango, yoghurt covered raisins and sweetened with stevia and honey. If you would like to purchase our cereal we will be selling it in Week 9 at 8.30 outside the school office. The price is $6. We appreciate your support and all profits raised are going towards the school art space.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Last night was our school production called "A night at the the R'Oscars."
Here is a clip of the dance my class did, along with my thoughts.
I am working on a great piece of writing about the production, I'll publish it when I'm finished - so check back here soon!


Today we finally got to perform our cups song in assembly check it out!
How do you think we did?
What can we improve on?

Special vistor

Today the senior team was lucky enough to have a special guest from the New Zealand Warriors come and speak to us. So who was it? Well it was the one and only Ngani Laumape!
Ngani is originally from Palmerston North and he spoke to us about how to become a successful sportsman. See if you can spot him in the photo!

50 posts!

I've completed one of my Term 2 goals to successfully get 50 posts on my blog!
Well done to me!

Video Star

This weeks homework was to create a video star.
What is a video star? Its an app on the iPad to make your own music video.
Heres mine!


This weeks hands on home work was to create a jingle for our exciting new cereal 365.
Check out this  awesome jingle by Ana!

Perimeter and Area

Today we have been learning what Perimeter and Area is. Our example is the square. We are going to measure it in meters. Perimeter is the distance around the shape and the Area is width times length also known as the distance inside the shape. Here is the example.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Matariki celebrations

Today at Russell Street School we celebrated Matariki. What did we do? Well Seed to table made the whole school vegetable soup, the Kapa Haka group put on a concert and we revealed the Pou outside the main office! We had a great day cheek out the photos!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Sneak Peak

Coming up we have a whole school production. Each class is doing a dance. Here is a sneak peak of our item...

Reading Time!

Here is a sample of my reading... 
WALT: To read with fluency and expression

SUCCESS CRITERIA: To be successful we need to...

- Read at a steady pace, not too fast and not to slow

- Read each sentence with accuracy, not making too many mistakes
- Use good phrasing, paying attention to punctuation and sentence structure
- Change my voice to show feeling or to sound like different characters

SELF ASSESSMENT: Did you achieve the WALT? Explain why?
I think I did a ok job but I
could have changed my voice more.


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Things I love!

This is a video I made on what I love I hope you like it!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Mascots come to visit.

Here are some photos of Tatty Teddy and Nutmeg at RSS. They are Mascots from our email buddies at Morningside school in Whangarei.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hands On Homework Task

This weeks homework task was to measure the perimeter of your bedroom. During this task I have discovered the bedroom I share with my sister is smaller them my friend Ana's This is her blog! I hope you enjoy it!


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Maths time.

Today we did maths we had to find things that were close to a meter. Here is some photos!!!