Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Date Of Origin

In class we are reading a book called Date Of Origin. We made some predictions about the book and we had to do it high quality.

Title -
The title really draws you in. I think that it will have a mystery adventure and fantasy sort of theme. I think that it will have a Percy Jackson & Harry Potter feel. It really hooks you. The words ‘Date Of Origin’ makes me wonder if there is some type of tradition or prophecy.
The title is sort of dark mysterious too and the more you look into it the more you realize how much it makes you think.

Cover Design -
The shape of the monsters/Aliens was really well thought. Going of the blurb I wonder if they are guards or some type of obstacle for the main characters to overcome.

Blurb -
The blurb really puts you deep in the book it is a great writer's point and It makes you wonder so far I wonder if the girl on the front and dog on the back does she have a date of origin.

Predictions -

I think that the guard could be the robots on the front or they are the baddies I think that a Date Of Origin is like a day that you will shapeshift into the robots on the front. My predictions are that she will make. The Date Of Origin sounds like a tradition.  

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