Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Book Bash

Blooms Questions
  • “Rezza knew her life was harsh and the Aggers lives weren’t much better, but at least everyone knew their place.” 
  • How do you think people’s acceptance of their place in life plays in the hands of people who have power?

My Answer: I think it is that everyone knows there place in the world and they all do there best to complete they accept their individual tasks and they work like a pyramid here is an example.

So at a school you have your Principal on top then the Deputy Principal Next is Assistant Principal then your Senior Teachers Next is Junior Teachers then Teacher Aids.    

  • When the rebels blew up the mugatyl pipeline, Boyd said “How satisfied the rebels must be.” (Pg 41) What can you make about Boyd’s view of the rebel activity after making this statement?

My Answer: I think she was sort of being sarcastic. She was most likely set back by it but she must know something we don't.

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