Friday, 28 February 2014


WALT: Evaluate our learning honestly
Task: Reflect on your efforts at swimming sports day
Success Criteria:
  • Use an image here.
  • Answer questions honestly.
  • Use correct spelling and punctuation.
  • Ask your learning partner to write you some feedback. Remember Austin’s Butterfly.

    1. What are you most proud of at swimming sports and why

    I am most proud of my results at the end. I thinks that a 1st 2nd and 3rd is a great compared to a 5th last time. I think that my diving was great!

  1. What challenged you the most and Why?

    Georgia. She has always had a faster freestyle stroke than me but I did catch up and touch the wall in less than half a second.

  1. How did you show kotahitanga?

    After the races Georgia both hi-fived each other and I helped the smaller kids get ready and get the chant going.

  1. Next time, what is a goal you can work towards?

I have always wanted to compete in butterfly. I think that it would be great to work towards that at any time.

Peer Comment:
I think that you did a good job at explaning about swimming sports in this reflection and you know what to write when it comes too another, reflection if you write about another swimming sports, also when it comes to writing about it. From Taylor.

Target yellow.jpg

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Cottontail is a small brown baby bunny with a white tail. He is very cute. Cottontail is a wild bunny but he sleeps in our hut and eats carrots. He likes to come out and have a lot of attention you can be 3 steps away and he will stay where he is.

He is very cute and one day sent us a letter it read...

To my new friends!

Thank you for all the carrots and the hut you built for me!

Could you leave more carrots?

Thanks Cottontail

I decided to send him a letter back so I put it in the hut and found it gone!


We are learning to edit here is our WALT!

We had to find a post that we could make better. I have chosen the post below. I think that this post could have my working out as well as the answers. I think that my audience would like to see that here is my old post.

What do you think that I could do better at to improve this post leave a comment. Here is the new post that I think is better...


Today we did a project on sorting words into groups. I decided to sort mine into syllables. Here are my facts!

I found out that in this book only has one, one syllable word! I also found out that 3 is the most common. We came up with some thoughts about this.

Is It This Book That Has A Lot Of 3 Syllables?


Douse it have something to do with the level of the book

We think that one of these are our answer and we are waiting to find out more! Meanwhile this is what I have been doing! Look closely at all of the rows and words. What group would you sort them into?

                                         one              two         three             four        more

Monday, 24 February 2014

3 Simple steps

Here are the 3 simple steps you need to know to get this question right!

Step one.

The question. Look at your question carefully read it a few times.

389 + ? = 600

Step 2.

The strategy . Use the strategy below to get the answer. The strategy is just making tidy numbers.

+ 1 = 390 + 10 = 400 + 200 =

Tidy numbers are any numbers that end with 0. 

It may be helpful to under line the number that you have added.

Step 3.

The answer. The last step is to put all the numbers we added together you may want to underline the numbers we added. Look at how the under lined numbers relate to the answer.

= 211!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Two stars and a wish

W.A.L.T: To Evaluate our learning honestly

* My Star is that I think I did well at learning about genre in the library i found out that my favourite genre is fantasy. I am proud of this.

* I am also proud of getting to all of my work shops on time and helping others get to theres. I think that the noise level was much better than last week!

My wish is that all the rooms can be a silent as room 11 I think that this is a great goat to work towards to because it is important for everyone to have a silent working space. I can help by reminding people and not talking my self!

Catch me if you can

In catch me if you can we are learning about attacking and defense. We played a game called the 3 billy goats gruff. The goats had a ball and the trolls defend. The goats have to pass the ball up to the line that the trolls stood behind.

Then after the goats have passed the line the trolls have to try intercept them. What a fun game!

Math codes

Today we are using the code below to find the answers to the questions. As you may be able to see he z is the highest number and A is the lowest. This is because the numbers get higher as the Alphabet goes on.

Here is my working out!

My name is: 32

The word is: Writing

The most expensive county is: The United States Of America

The least expensive country is: Ched

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Unity and togetherness

In class we are learning to show and to help others use kortahitangna. Kortahitangna means unity and togetherness. Here are some other words that meen the same!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The NZ flag!

I think that this article will be a need thing to continue. Maybe it would be a good idea to have two flags? I would be a big change and a lot of designing!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Smart goals

These are my SMART goals for reading and maths.

My maths goal is to... Recognise different symetrical shapes
The reason I have decided to focus on this goal is because...  Maths is not my strong spot I do not find it as fun as the other subjects.
I will accomplish my goal by... Making it fun pretending it is something else and seeing it in a different way.

My reading goal is to... To read a variety of books on the same theme and notice the similarities and differences between them.
The reason I have decided to focus on this goal is because... It is something I am hoping to achieve within  this term.
I will accomplish my goal by... Working not only in class but any where I am!

Two stars and a wish

We are doing a reflection called "Two Stars And A Wish" The two stars are things that you did well during the week and the wish is what you could get better at. We reflected on our learning.

W.A.L.T... Evaluate our learning honestly.

Here is mine!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Buddy time!

Hi! Today we had our first buddy meeting. YAY! Danika and I are now buddies.  We have been working unity and togetherness. We have done art together and are waiting for other things in the future.

Here is a quick snap!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I have solved the first maths problem of 2014. Wow it wan't easy. there was a lot of number switching.

Here it is!

Monday, 10 February 2014


WALT: learn!
We will know we are successful when we agree to:

  • Believe in ourselves,
  • Take risks in our learning,
  • Manage self,
  • Display leadership / initiative,
  • Show integrity,
  • Strive for excellence,
  • Take responsibility for our learning,
  • Set challenging learning goals,
  • Learn from our mistakes,
  • Show determination in all situations,
  • Work in unity,
  • Know ourselves as a learner,
  • Think happy thoughts (positivity is the key!),
  • Respect others’ rights to learn, to feel safe and to be respected,
  • Practice being a responsible digital citizen.

Reflective Questions to answer:
  1. How do you feel about these agreements? What do you like. Dislike? Why?

I like the belive in yourself because courage is rare if you make it rare. I half Disagree with “just practice” Only Perfect Practice make Perfect!

  1. Which agreements will you find easy to follow? Why?

Risk taking I do it every day whether it is in sport or science.

  1. Which agreements will you find difficult to follow? Why?

To work in unity I like doing stuff by myself.

My art

We are learning to create a piece of art using pastels a photo and black paper.

First we had to take a photo of ourselves in an interesting pose. Then we traced our photos  onto the black paper. After that we cut it out. Next we started to create swirly block of colour using the pastels. We made sure that the  blocks of colour joined in the middle. Once we had topped that we glued on out black shape pencil side down.

Have a look!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Agreements Are Born

WALT: Writing Cinquains

A Cinquains follows these steps!
One:Your first sentence is a one word title

Two:Two word that describe

Three: Three words that are action words

Four: Four words that decribe feelings

Five: One word that is a Synonym

Here is mine!

Single ink feather
Marking against scrappy parchment.

Nine parchments
The beautiful land
Wrists circle, Eyes cautious