Thursday, 29 August 2013


Today in maths Georgia Grace and I made a Hakui deal here it is!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Yesterday we did some science. We did a science experiment. It was called Cornflour vs Water. The  ingredients were Cornflour, Water, A bowl, A spoon, Food colouring and measuring cups. My prediction was that I thought when you picked it up it would be hard when you let go it will melt. Do the experiment your self to find out what happens. Here is a photo of Room 4.5 doing the experiment!

Book Character day

It was Book Character Day at school.I was dressed as my favorite book Character. Here is some photos from book Character day.

"Yaaa!"I screeched as my stick met hers. My heart was pumped. I swung my hand in the air and ran around the class with great courage. A glad smile waved across my face as the wind whipped my hair round in circles. She started to chase me I leapt towards the exit and galloped out it Laghing my head of as I landed in a pile with the which.

Here are some photos!


It is maths week so Stephen decided to make a shape challenge for us. Guess what I only have 4 more to find thats not much compered to the 25 that we had at the start! Here are some photos!


Here is the start of our dance hope you like it.

Thursday, 1 August 2013


Here is my awesome explanation for what we are learning in maths. Please leave a comment of a question for me to answer. Then come back later to see my answer!