Friday, 31 October 2014

Athletics Goal

Hi! Today we did our athletics goals. We need to make them achievable and deep, not too hard but not too easy for us. I came up with three and I am still finding more have a look!

1 To jump more than 150 cm in high jump
2 To jump longer than 3m and 79cm in long jump
3 To come in the top five in javelin as I am getting better

I hope you can help me come up with some more bye!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Today we had to make some pangrams. Pangrams are a sentence that has all letters of the alphabet in it.
Our task today was to create our own using this famous example The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Our second goal is to beat the record of 32 letters that  The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog has.

I think that we did rather well at creating one here it is...

Monkeys can eat mosquitos while playing the xylophone dumbly saying verbs. It has 61 letters I think that we did rather well.

Thursday, 16 October 2014


WALT: To summarize a story and identify the choices the charter could make.

Shrinkage is about a girl called Pippa. She wants to be in the cool girls group with their leader Kylie. The entrance test is to steel something out of the shop. Pippia feels like it is not the right thing to do but she wants to be in that popular group with Kylie.

Pippa finds a small lip gloss container she feels better doing it now that she know that it is something she will never use she hates the scented smell of fake cherry. the shopkeeper has her back to Pippa now is her chance she leaves the shop and tries to find Kylie outside the shop window. Thats strange Pippa frowned they were here a second ago.

Suddenly a hand grasped her shoulder it was to big to be Kylie's she looked around there was a man standing there he dragged her back into the shop Pippa dropped the lip gloss. "

I hear that you stole some lip gloss from my shop" The shopkeeper said sternly...

Pippa that some choices to make

She could... Pull out at last minute
She could... Tell the shopkeeper what the popular kids were doing.
She could...Secretly pay for it.
She could...Say no and make some other friends Kylie would never be a prober friend because you had  to do a test to "Get in."
She did... follow through with the dare
She did... Steel the lip gloss.

Plz Leave me a comment on what you think I could add in the summery. 💜 😃