Thursday, 26 November 2015


Description: During Inquiry I am working on creating graduation.  My task is to write the year 6 speech talking about our past years at Russell St School. I am also in the hats group creating the graduating hats for the year 6's we have 53 to make. With the hats we are plaiting wool in your house colours.  This represents what house you are in.

This term we are using our Future Focus through inquiry. My main Future Focus is leaving a mark at Russell Street School. Mainly because this is my last year. I also want to help make Graduation one of the best Russell St School has ever had.

I have been think outside the box by thinking about how I can make this speech have an impact on the people around me and the people that hear it on the day. To do this I am using clever language and trying to deliver my concept strongly.


Today is our last day to practice for Graduation. so far our speech is finished and edited and the three different parts are joined.

I am proud of how far we have come in our inquiry and excited to see how well our speech will turn out. I think that the hats look really cool and I am happy with the way we stretched our brains to create the amazing name labels on top of he hats.

Future Focus: I think that our group did a great job at thinking about our future focus. For us Graduation was out future focus and all our work revolved around decoration, food, songs, speeches and slides to make this years Graduation the best ever.

2015: For Graduation we created a 2015 sign for year 6 photos. We only just completed it
but we are really proud of the finished product but it was cheep and easy to make apart from the few hiccups!

First we found some chicken wire then we ordered some tissue and crate paper before creating flowers and poking them throgh the wire.

We found that the flowers kept falling out and we had to improvise with tape and sticks.

Overall I am really proud of what I have created and think that our group has achieved miracles.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Book Bash

Blooms Questions
  • “Rezza knew her life was harsh and the Aggers lives weren’t much better, but at least everyone knew their place.” 
  • How do you think people’s acceptance of their place in life plays in the hands of people who have power?

My Answer: I think it is that everyone knows there place in the world and they all do there best to complete they accept their individual tasks and they work like a pyramid here is an example.

So at a school you have your Principal on top then the Deputy Principal Next is Assistant Principal then your Senior Teachers Next is Junior Teachers then Teacher Aids.    

  • When the rebels blew up the mugatyl pipeline, Boyd said “How satisfied the rebels must be.” (Pg 41) What can you make about Boyd’s view of the rebel activity after making this statement?

My Answer: I think she was sort of being sarcastic. She was most likely set back by it but she must know something we don't.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Agency Test

In class we highlighted a sheet with different goals. We then chose one of the pink highlighted goals to work on.

Yellow Highlight = I do it constantly
Pink Highlight= I need to be reminded or I do it sometimes

I think I am a Self Agentic learner because I know when where and why I am doing different tasks at different times and places. Prioritizing helps me meet deadlines and get on top of my work.

The goal that I am currently working on is 
I make conscious decisions on how to use my time to best enhance my learning.

I think that this is a great goal for me because I often find it hard to keep up with my timetable so I know how much time I need to complete things to a great standed .
The things I need to do to achieve this goal are timetable more and complete what I want to do durning the day as well as my must do's like my reading follow up.