Thursday, 6 March 2014

WALT Set smart goals

WALT set smart goals. How we can do this. We can do this by using our what when why and how. Look at how we have used it here for camp goals!

Can you see how I have used it for my camp goals. Leave me a comment how you think that my layout  is good or how I can improve it!

Reflection: I think that my aim to make more friends is completed because I have least a new way then to make an effort with them I have learnt to support them as well. So thank you to all the new people who helped me to see that.

I also think that my goal to keep on time is accomplished because I was not late fore anything and helped my group to active this as well. Hannah has help me with this and the rest of my group by helping me be there on time.


  1. You have put a lot of thought into these Bella. How do you think you went towards completing your goals at camp?

  2. I like the way you put a lot of thinking into your reflection and I noticed that you helped your group.