Friday, 7 March 2014


We have been working on some camp maths lately. Why? We are going on camp! I have really enjoyed working this out with Grace. We got the first bit and worked independently.

I think that this maths problem we got a bit of help from Nick in the end as a great way to get us all engaged and excited about camp. We got a bit of help from Nick to do the last bit here is what we found out!


  1. Hi Bella. Do you think you could add some more information to this post? I am not sure what the maths question is that you are trying to work out? Also what is the WALT. Thanks, Mum.

  2. Yeah Bella - looking at these images makes perfect sense to you and I because we were immersed in this learning. I wonder if a photo of the page from the 'Figure It Out' book would do the trick?