Thursday, 19 February 2015

Swimming goals

This term we have been starting swimming. The reason for this is we have swimming sports an event we have every year where all the kids do races and fun swimming things to show off their skills.
To prepare for this we have taken a video of ourselves with a buddy and watched it back so we can see what we are doing ok and what we need to work on.

Here are my three videos.

Big idea:
My goal is to work on my body position during backstroke mainly the arms. I can do this by lifting my hips so that my body is flat across the water. I would like to achieve this by school swimming sports so that I can set my next goal for the rest of the term.

Date: 13/3/15
 I think that I have really focused on my goal this term and my backstroke is a lot better.
My hips are lying flat with the water and by head is not lifted above the water. As a result my body moves through the water faster and glides better. I think that I have been really time sensitive with my goal and I have completed it within the time limit I had set for myself.

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  1. Wonderful reflection Bella. I can tell by the way that you speak about perfecting your stoke that you were really focused on how to improve. I saw this everyday in the pool as well.

    Well done on achieving your goal.