Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Reading Tic Tac Toe

Task: Writing interview

Description: This term my goal is Expand Vocabulary. We have bean working on using clues in the rest of the context so we can try figure out the words meaning, After that we can add the word to our brain of knowledge.

SC: Our aim was to...

Use clues in the rest of the context so we can try figure out the words meaning,

To re-read the text so we can understand the words better

To Read on the rest of the text might help or give clues about the words meaning

My Sample

Word/Name: Disgust

Hi Disgust how has your day been so far?

Who CARES "Rolled eyes"

What is the beast part of being a juicy word what is your name mainly used for and what is the meaning?

The best part is that you get used lots but you are awesome and add impact unlike some of those stuck up and show off words like said, and, the, yes,  and no. The meaning of my word is when something is gross and you hate it. And yeah if you're wondering I DID get named after my attitude. 

What is your favourite coulor and why?

Green. By green I mean a dark moldy yuck green not the light happy bright green it's for princesses. 

OK Disgust do you have ant messages for all the people that use your name in their writing?

Yes, Use my name only for it's meaning make sure it makes sense and make it interesting. Never use those stuck up words more than us.

Thank you Disgust we have really enjoyed interviewing you.

"Snort" Like I'd care.

Feedback and Feedforward :  Bella you did very well in using describing words You need to work butting a little more detail in your writing but you did very well Emma.

Evaluation: I think that I did a good job at making it interesting and hooking the reader in. I need to work on adding more detail and if I had more time I would interview several words.

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  1. Wow Bella, you never fail to amaze me with your creativity during writing. Every piece you share with me makes me think more and more that I will be wandering through a bookstore one day seeing a published piece of your writing! I love the little features you add to your writing like the 'rolls eyes' just to give that extra personal voice and detail to the reader. My only feed forward is give me more!! I was gutted when I made it to the end, you left me wanting to hear more of the interview....