Wednesday, 4 June 2014


In class we have had weekly spelling tasks. This week we did one on mnemonics. A mnemonic is a sentence for a word to help you learn your spelling words.

What? We are making a literacy sample.
Why? To show a strategy to help us learn our spelling words, to share during our Student Led Conference.

WALT: Rote Learn

Task: Make a mnemonic to help us learn our spelling words as a memory aid.

Description: A mnemonic is a way of remembering your spelling words. You take each letter of your spelling word and make a sentence using each letter as the start of a new word.


Fluffy otters use lime.


Isaac come you!

Evaluation: I think that I did well with the lay out. But I think that I could work on creating sentences that make more sense.

Peer comment: Great mnemonics Bella! Your mnemonics are very creative! Maybe next time you could make them a tiny bit more clear. Ana

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  1. I think more practice at creating mnemonics would be good for you Bella! It is hard to make them make sense!
    How about this one for MNEMONIC? Make Nic Eat Mouldy Old Nashis In Class! - Mum