Friday, 27 June 2014

Term 2 reflection

My end of term reflection 

WALT: evaluate our learning honestly

What is an effective learner?
I think that an effective learner is some one who is WILLING to learn  more who listens to not only the teacher but peers too. I think that be be an effective learn you must want to be an effective learner.

What were the highlights for this term? Why?
I really enjoyed inter school X country it was a big highlight for me first time at inter school ever for any sports and I loved it. I liked it because there are so many different strategies you have to use to get through the course.

What were your greatest challenges this term? 
My Maths. It has never been my strong point or what I enjoy but I am getting better and I am enjoying it more and learning way more then what I had at the start of the term after slacking off in the holidays! I will be sure not to do that this holidays!

How are you going towards acting with integrity? Why?  How could you improve? 
I am getting better at showing integrity I pick up pens off the ground even if they are not mine I never change my colour on the evidence of learning sheet and then not own up to it. I could pick up more pens and stuff because I do sometimes just walk past them and I could be even more honest with what I do.

What are your goals in our learner disposition wall?  Where to next? 

I am still really working hard to get myself to self Agency. I find that you can’t slack off as soon as you get on self Agency you have to keep working on it or you can move down. So I want to not rush up to self Agency as I am not ready yet but I might be soon.

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  1. Really honest reflection here Bella, we are very proud of your work this term :) Mum and Dad