Wednesday, 16 October 2013


She is the best friend ever. Her dark black hair hang just past shoulder length. Hter eyes are an unmistakable light blue eyes shine like the moons reflection on the water. Her smile shows a the liveliness of her life and her skin is a pale shade of brown. Maia wears bright clothes but anything she wears bring out the sweet smell of horses! She is tall for her age and friendly.

She has a great attitude towards learning and ponies! Her respect for animals really shows and her mother says that all animals are attracted to her. She loves sport and won  cross country over the last couple of years.

Everyone respects her love for animals and her friends at Ashurst school crowd her each day. I love Maia for who she is and I know that her friend think the same. Her love of sport and ponies does not affect those that don’t.

She adores her ponies Vinnie, Ruben and Miki. But sadly the last two Ruben and Miki have been sold. She has her own bedroom which she guards from her brother. She has her own desk and window with the best view of the ponies. Maia has a black jacket which she takes everywhere!

Maia is an awesome friend!   


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