Monday, 8 July 2013

Production writing!

At 6o'clock at night I felt my foot slip on the soft silk material of the Reagent Theater as I entered the massive door. Anxiety fell upon me, I gulped this was the final but what if we didn't get a 10/10 mark from Stephen/ Questions float around in my head. I was changed and ready, eyeliner  on as well but just as I though I was ready which was as soon as I stepped into . The changing room Stephen told me to get my cheeks done I was first in line. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me sarcatisly "But my cheeks are already done!" Said the sartasic voice "Not with paint." Another voice said seriously. Then Georgia rushed up to me as I left down the creaking stairs "CREEK" They went as I tumbled down the first one
Towards ukealle.. "No" Panted Georgia "It hasn't started yet" She called after me "Oh." I called back to her before leaping up the stair case again. Next I asked Stephen how long the dragging chain of time would take, He clapped his hands "BANG" it shouted "Now." He said eager for us to sprint past.

We weren't late but early. The ukes caught the corner of my eye. It was time to captivate the growing crowed! Time came and past and the marimba put on a stunning show! Next was us!We all grabbed and snatched ukes of the off the soft silk rug beneath them Lining up in two perfect rows to show off our talent.

"Don't play" Cried Jennifer "Stand by the wall" She commanded. It sounded like she was having the final straw! Excitedly we made our proud entrance onto the stage. Whispering about folders and stuff before the HUGE red curtain went up was normal. When the curtain finally scrambled up I tensed capturing the moment that it lifted of the ground like a rocket but not as fast. The shock wave attacked me Suspense hit me, I looked down at my uke as the music flowed through I strummed my fingers along to the beat.

By the time the suspense wore off I saw the HUGE red curtain lift off the ground. We trotted of stage. I put the uke down before twisting and bouncing up the long winding stairs. After bonding up the stairs I rushed into our changing room to find that some boys had searched my bag and found the iPad. Man they were inpatient! Thoughts of anxiety bounced of the side of my brain before tumbling to the
bottom. I got my second game out which included sharp pencils. Soon we were forested back into the changing rooms. Stephen told us what to do on stage including "Don't forget to smile!"I felt the heat rising from below like a fire was burning down stairs. Then we grasped our props and adjusted our costumes before galloping out the door in a gigantic tumble. 

When we got back stage we saw a breath taking sight of our buddies still on stage! Then everything went black. I felt a while lot of different textures swirling around in my stomach. We clambered onto the dark wooden stage trying not to disturb the hosts that were introducing us. Then the shock wave attacked me hitting me in the head with suspense. As the music started we let it slip through us. We felt the beat and bounced to the rhythm. We took control of the stage! I saw the captivated crowd staring at us. We were the stars! As the boys wiggled on stage we watched their lines. Then the music signaled us into place we carried on with Ana leading our line. Then we strutted of stage poshly before the boys wiggle of like clowns so not nearly as posh! When Bailey had finished his clown dace we twisted on stage, stood on the silk floor than twilled neatly towards the audience. We tip toed to the back of the stage than turned carefully away from the audience before turning to face them again. The chain that was linked between our arms broke and we became separate again. Then to Finnish the performance we blew a kiss to the captivated clapping crowd! What a spectacular show! We had rocked the stage to bits! 

Relief and happiness hit me in the face with pride. I told you about uke the class dance but not yet the teachers dance or the finally.

Well, it all stared with eyes from the kids at the back were glued to the teachers. What really got are attention was the costumes, Stephen was wearing a dress! It was like a big mix up all the males were wearing female clothes and some of the females were wearing male clothes! Another comparison would be it was like a tiger that got mixed with a spotted dog! The teachers left us in fits of giggles! We managed to pull our selves to gather anough to lift our bodies off the ground.

We grooved the school proud! I trotted off stage got changed and collected my stuff before peering back at the raving crowd to find my Mum and Dad. I waved before heading out the door towards them. The smile that was glued to my face appeared stronger as I ran to my pedants. We steeped out side the Reagent Theater I felt the freezing gentle breeze brush past my cheek, Suddenly I take back what I said about swimming sports and name this as the best trip of the year.
                                                        What a great experience

By Bella!

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