Tuesday, 17 September 2013


In class we have been doing calendar art. We did ours on kidsedchatnz see the kidsedchatnz blog for how to join and topic questions! Click here to go to the kidsedchatnz blog
We are learning about Kidsedchatnz and how the different twitter symbols work.

First we made the back ground with any colour you want on pages. Then you make a clear big title with the label kidsedchatnz.  Create words that describe kidsedchatnz to fill in all spaces.

Make sure that no pluses or blank text boxes can be sean. Then print you pages document. The background its self should take about an hour. When you have your background printed out draw or trace a twitter bird on a pice of cardboard then cut it out! Colour in your bird a light blue. Stick the bird on.

Draw some symbols from twitter then color them any cooler you like! Cut then out. Glue them onto your bird. Done you have your own twitter art!

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  1. Wow, you have done a great job with your poster! I love all the different fonts and colours. Kidsedchatnz and twitter is such a cool thing!