Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cross Country Reflection

Before the race...

It all started in bed. I woke up at 7am and a shock wave attacked me, it was Cross Country Day the most nerve-racking sports event at RSS! I got into my Weet-Bix top, my body still vibrating with tiny earthquakes, then on went my leggings. After slipping on my clothes I went to the breakfast table it was now quarter past seven. My mum hugged me and told me if I won I would go shoe shopping for expensive running shoes! That didn't help the earthquake attack that was still buzzing around in my tummy like a bee, in fact it made it worse. Mum also told me to be prepared to be a good sport if I didn't come first. I ate my Weet-Bix up quickly then had a half a piece of toast before sprinting to do my teeth! At school I rushed into class late (thanks to my little brother) hoping not to miss my race. After finding out the bell hadn't gone I now had a strong feeling but I could't figure out what it was? We set off out of class and cramped up on the tiny deck waiting for our race to start! No one could see from the middle and back I spotted my brother dancing and falling on the cold wet cramped and slippery deck.

During the race...

On the starting line for warm up we did tiny jumps and high knees and jogging on the spot. After that we all had painful faces showing questions like... Who will win?  Can I do this?
I'm not fast :( Will I stop? Will I win? Will I lose? Some look more terrified then others. Some faces looked white! Then the horn went I hate the horn it's loud and Mean! We set off! Around the field there was Georgia then Sophie just in front of me. Then the feeling came to me I nearly froze it was lucky I didn't because I would have stopped the question was... When was I going to make my move? NOW! my brain said as we hit the diagonal across the courts NOW NOW NOW it said, OK I replied harshly as I shot forward and made my way to second place in front of Sophie. Now for Georgia (sorry Georgia!) I rolled my eyes as I shot forward again. This time I take lead with my legs trying to run away from me, I don't make it to sprinting but I'm in the lead anyway! And YES I cross the finish line first!

After the race...

I walk slowly back towards my Mum and Dad but Stephen calls me back for photos, I try to jog over but I'm too tired so I just walk. He takes the photo, I turn around and beside me I see my Mum standing and smiling, "Shoe shopping!" she said! I gave her a hug and suddenly through all the pain I find the glowing star and the memory of the nerve attack doesn't seem to matter anymore it seems to have disappeared into thin air. I'm so proud of wining the cross country title!!!

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