Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Swimming Sports Recount.

Swimming Sports

The Swimming Sports is one of Russell St School’s favourite events. This year, only the senior school went to the Lido for swimming sports because last year the juniors missed out because we had a tight time schedule. But before I can tell you that, I have to tell you about when I got to school. When I got to school I felt something tingling inside me. I knew what it was, it was swimming sports. I love swimming sports but it still makes me nervous.

With my feelings on board from the morning, my class clambered onto the bus. We all sat next to our friends. As we set off the bus made funny noises as we started. Soon we got there. It was not a long trip but when you are nervous it always seems longer. So long that it felt like a week to get there.

We had to choose which races we wanted to enter. Why do we enter? We enter so we can do an activity at swimming sports and compete in our year groups. I entered all of the 25m lengths which were freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. There were also width races if you were not so confident in the pool. In some of the width races you could use flutter boards. 

It was very loud around the pool. Everyone was cheering for their friends, their houses and for the people in the widths. Nick was announcing on the microphone and David was in charge of the whistle and hooter at the starting line.

Next, the first of the length races were held. All the confident Year 6 girls did freestyle. “BEEP” David blew the whistle and everyone went silent. “Take your marks get set..” David honked the horn. The year 6 girls set off and some of them dived and some were in the pool to start. Wow, they looked fast as if they had practiced a lot.The year 6 girls were so speedy it took no time at all. Soon, the places 1st 2nd 3rd were taken. The kids were sprinting through the water so fast that it was hard to tell who won. In fact so hard they had to use an ipad to see who won it!!! 

After year 6’s races we had the year 5 girls then boys.  

I managed to get into the finals for all of my races. It was now.... time for my freestyle final. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. I felt the butterflies were jumping around in my tummy. The year 4’s stood one step away from the diving board, then David blew the whistle. I got on the diving board, I was going to dive into the pool. Davis said, “Take your marks, get set... HONK.”  I dived in and the coldish water splashed. It starting with my head and went down to my toes. I kicked as hard as I could and I started my arms in freestyle with extra power than normal. I felt like I was a fast dolphin slithering along the top of the water. I had nearly reached the end. This made me go even faster. When I reached the end I was handed a second place rod! I was proud but I still hoped I could do even better in my next race. 

My second final was backstroke. We had the same waiting process and then it was my backstroke. This time I started in the water holding on to the bar on the diving board. I left my toes just under the water scrunching my knees. I heard the horn go and threw my arms backwards and my head followed. Then I started my kick followed closely by my arms. I came to a tie with Georgia from my class. In the end I got 3rd and this is better than I had expected, considering I’m not the best at backstroke.

My last final was breaststroke, this is my favourite because I’m good at it. We had a bit of time to have a snack and dry off before it was breaststroke finals. I was not feeling as nervous by now because I had already done lots of races and this was my favourite stroke. I decided to dive in again because this helps me get further which gives me a head start.  David blew the horn “HONK” and once again, I had the feeling of the graceful splash on my face and the coldish water on my body. This time I was at the front and, yes, I won it!  

I really enjoyed the whole day but I especially loved this moment and wish it would stay forever and ever. This was the most awesome day and the busiest day at the Lido!

However, this was not the end of my day as we had not had lunch yet. We went to the esplanade and sat down with our friends for lunch. We walked across a rocky path to get there and it was a long walk but soon we were sitting down on some nice fluffy grass. I sat next to my friends and we ate our lunch. We played silly hand games and had some fun until James got our attention by blowing the horn. We all stopped and all the seniors went silent as he talked to us for a moment saying, “When I blow the horn in half an hour, you all need to sit back down so that we are not late for the buses.” 

I set off with my BFF behind me we went to the bars we climbed all over them then we went to the flying fox all the seniors were lined up for this it took a while to get to the front  of the line with my friend Grace and Georgia. After we had all had a turn the horn went we skipped happily back to our bags and did the long trip back to the buses. Georgia and I sat together on the bus on the way back to school!!! When we got to school the 4.5 packed up and Stephen our class teacher said good afternoon and then he said, “I hope you all had a great day.” Then he said we could go home.      

I was very proud of myself for competing in the length races. It was a stupendous day! And I think we all had the best trip of the year.

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