Monday, 25 March 2013

The boat race!!!

On friday we had the boat race using the boats we made for our fun task. Before the races we all sat along the bench at the pool with our boats looking at each others. There were all kinds of shapes and sizes, even a scooped out pumpkin with a sail! We all thought that the pumpkin would sink but we couldn't find out until we had our race!!!

The motored boats went first, they all lined up, turned the motors on and Stephen counted them down 3 2 1 GO!!! All the motors set off, some turned and some circled and one even hit the other side of the pool! The boat that won was well designed so it floated well and the motor was set up well so it was the best boat there.

The next race was the floaters that had no motors to power them. My boat was in this race. I named it the Feathered Floater because it was decorated with so many colourful feathers! I was so happy my boat floated and came second in this race!

The final race was with all of the boats, It was so funny as we all cheered our boats on! We had a great time and my boat won the best decorated!!!!!!!!!!


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