Monday, 25 February 2013

My weekend

In the weekend I took my pony Oscar to a pony club show in Foxton. I did some flat work classes first. I got a first place (red ribbon) in turn out (best presented) where the judge looks at how clean your pony and tack is and how tidy and clean you are. I was very proud of this ribbon because I washed and brushed Oscar and combed his mane and tail by myself. The next class was best rider 8 years and under, I won that too! I also got 3rd in best pony club pony.

Next was the games, my pony is not always good at games, he can get a bit excited and it often turns out a lot like this picture!  >>>>>                                                                                                        

But, instead of like that it was more like this <<<<< We won the potato race and we almost won the lolly race and after that I did some jumping.  I also learned today that Mark Todd learned to ride on a little naughty pony he had when he was little. 

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